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Staff Profile: Dr Caroline Ingram
Director, CSI Consultancy Ltd

Caroline is an experienced researcher and project manager. She has worked with many organisations including numerous universities and colleges, public libraries and local authorities, small and large businesses and support bodies. Most of her recent contracts have involved understanding current practice, identifying good practice, recognising constraints and risks, analysing the impact of projects and online matterials, and synthesising knowledge about the use of technology in education, in areas such as open access, access to resources, and building capacity for change within institutions.

contributing the energy and purpose that influences successful project outcomes; steering policy, strategy, and development, and reporting on user requirements and usability; managing project staff, including allocation of tasks and workloads.

project organiser in various technical and subject areas; synthesis of outcomes; research and evaluation; authoring project reports and evaluating project outcomes; coordination of project staff and outputs.

comprehensive knowledge of Higher and Further Education sector, funding agencies to that sector, as well as libraries, museums, and businesses allied to the sector. Extensive acquired knowledge of technical developments in the sector; contracts with and dissemination to agencies such as Royal Society, Institute of Physics, Institute of Education, Jisc and the Association for Learning Technology.

Education and Training Foundation
(March 2013 - March 2015)
Review and transition of the Excellence Gateway, incuding content review, architecture review and consideration and redrafting of underlying taxonomy and metadata for delivery of a new service in line with the needs of the Education and Training Foundation

Jisc Transformations Programme
(August 2012 - July 2013)
Synthesis of project outcomes and writing good practice guidance on effecting organisational change through use of previously funded, re-contextualised project outputs.

Jisc Content and Digitisation
(August 2012 - March 2013)
Writing and developing online good practice web-resource, synthesising and evaluating the outputs of the Jisc Developing Community Content programmes.

University of Newcastle
(July 2012 - May 2013)
Liaison and development support for online and face to face training package for Iridium Research Data Management project.

MEDEV, University of Newcastle
(January 2012 - December 2012)
Evaluation consultant for the PublishOER Open Educational Resources project, investigating new business models for incorporating published works into OER.

Jisc Building Capacity programme
(April 2011 - December 2011)
Writing online good practice guidance in areas such as Employability, Student Engagement and Retention, and Strategies for Engaging Senior Managers.

Bloomsbury Colleges, London
(June/July 2011)
Writing final report for Flexible Service Delivery project on cloud computing, Bloomsbury Media Cloud.

Jisc Business and Community Engagement Programme
(2009 - 2010)
Interviewing, investigating and writing a series of case studies on external engagement work supported by Jisc Advance services. Drafting reports on Jisc BCE themes.

JorumOpen Service
(November 2009 - May 2011)
Research and writing reports on peer review issues and business planning for Jorum Service.

Coventry University
(March 2009 - October 2010)
Development of funding bids; research for Open Content Employability Project (OCEP), report available.

Hull University
(April 2008; Jan-Mar 2009)
Initiated and completed the JISC Gold Dust project at Hull University as interim project manager; developed project plan; collated and wrote final reports.

Strategic Content Alliance
(May 2008-January 2009)
Commissioned to review and collate standards information for the development of online teaching and learning materials for Higher Education.

Coventry University and Warwickshire College
(March 2007- September 2008)
Successfully developed proposal and bid for funds from the JISC Capital Programme for Repositories Enhancement for CURVE project to enhance the institutional repository; appointed project manager.

(February 2007-July 2008)
Research and writing report on business planning for Jorum Service.

With Prof R. Crouchley (Lancaster) and Dr R.J.Allen (CCLRC)
(April - October 2006)
Carried out a study for JISC into the needs of e-Research in the UK for a portal and gaps in the Information Environment for this community; included development of web based survey and literature review on previous findings.

JISC Development Group
(November 2005)
Mapping of development activity (services, projects and studies) in domain areas against Information Environment Architecture for use by JISC Committees.

EDINA, Edinburgh University
(September 2005 - November 2007)
Carrying out a survey of user requirements for a JISC funded Visual and Sound Materials Portal development project.

JISC Core Middleware Project, IAMSECT, Newcastle University
(April 2005 - July 2006)
Technical authoring: writing, editing and reviewing technical documentation outputs for project. Managed follow on study into Federated Access Management at the NHS/HE boundary (May 2007- September 2007).

Institute of Education Evaluation Consultant
(December 2004 - April 2006)
Evaluating the success of Einstein Year, part of the International Year of Physics, designed to encourage 11-14 year olds to think about studying physics; organised by the Institute of Physics. Evaluation report involved ethnographic studies, focus groups and interviews; including an assessment of requirements for future Institute of Physics events. Working in collaboration with Katalytik.

e-Services Integration Group, Hull University:
  • CREE
    (August 2004-June 2005)
    Evaluating the way in which staff and students (post-16) search online and assessing requirements for inclusion of search, communication and collaboration tools in portals; using general and bespoke tools, through a variety of focus groups, interviews and research in FE and HE. Worked on CREE2 (2007-2008), carrying out further user requirements analysis.
  • PORTAL project
    (April 2004-November 2004)
    Evaluating staff and student use of institutional portals. Methodology included interviews, desk research and focus groups in FE and HE. Final report available. EDINA, Edinburgh University
    (December 2003-June 2004)
    Project Manager and Evaluator scoping usefulness and potential uptake of an online learning and teaching programme to facilitate use of Ordnance Survey maps in FE and HE teaching.

    Project Manager at the Royal Society to Role Models Study
    (September 2003-July 2004)
    Taking a Leading Role assessed need for young people to have contact with sector role models. Editor for final report

    Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics
    (June 2003-July 2008)
    Coordinating DART (Digital Anthropological Resources for Teaching) project, £2.4M, UK/US (JISC/ NSF) jointly funded, responsible for managing UK budget, and managing project and staff developing digital tools to bring experiential learning into the classroom. International collaboration with Columbia University.

    Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
    (April 2003-July 2009)
    Consultancy tasks including writing invitations to tender, writing web pages, finalising results and reporting on international digital libraries programme, developing business planning and sustainability guidelines for projects, tendering for and contracting a business analyst, mapping projects and services to architecture.

    Bond,S., Ingram, C. and Ryan, S. (2008) Reuse, repurposing and learning design - Lessons from the DART project (e-journal). Computers & Education 50 (2), 601-612.

    Ingram, C. (2007) Transforming the Learning Experience. JISC Briefing paper (commissioned).

    Allan, R., Crouchley, R. and Ingram, C. (2006) Workshop on e-Research, Digital Repositories and Portals. Ariadne Issue 49

    Bond, S., Lewis, J. & Ingram, C. (2006) What's Going On? A customisable video-interpretation tool. Paper presented to Innovating e-learning 2006, JISC online conference 27-31 March 2006.

    Awre, C., Hanganu, G., Ingram, C., Brett, T. and Dolphin, I. (2005) The CREE Project: Investigating User Requirements for Searching within Institutional Environments. D-Lib Magazine October 2005 Volume 11 Number 10

    Ingram, C. (2002) Tutorials e-mailed to your fridge. Times Higher Education Supplement, 17 May 2002," World Education Market" supplement (commissioned article)

    Ingram, C. (2002) A Developer's Guide Part Five: JISC/DNER Development Programmes. Two part article: Educational Developments. Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) Issue 3.1 and Issue 3.2 (commissioned article)
    Dr Caroline Ingram, CSI Consultancy Ltd.
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