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Examples of types of projects undertaken by CSI Consultancy

1. Education and Training Foundation
Caroline was part of a team who reviewed and redesigned the Excellence Gateway, including redrafting the underlying architecture, taxonomy and metadata for online learning resources. The new Gateway was successfully launched in early 2015

2. An international research and development programme
Caroline worked with the London School of Economics and Columbia University (New York), between 2003 and 2008, to coordinate a programme of work to develop the use of digital tools in teaching undergraduates. This involved coordinating teams of academics and learning technologists at each institution, budget management, business and sustainability planning, evaluation activities, development and delivery of the project plan, and liaison with the funders.

3. A UK data centre
Caroline carried out a requirements analysis, managed an evaluation exercise and wrote a business plan for the sustainability and viability of a set of resources and how they should move into service. Following a consultation exercise, a period of user testing, and examination of the financial and organisational aspects, five potential business scenarios were developed. In 2007 Caroline undertook a business planning exercise to develop scenarios for the Jorum Service.

4. Portal projects
Caroline has worked on a number of different projects, evaluating the use and development of portals in higher and further education. Our brief contained various research and evaluation activities, including literature review, focus group and in depth interviews, survey design and analysis, and report writing. Currently Caroline is working on further user requirements analysis for the use of portals for delivering access to library services in UK FE and HE.

5. The UK Academy of Science
The Royal Society hired CSI Consultancy to manage a competitive tender exercise. We were also asked to liaise with the consultants hired, to help ensure The Society got what was needed from their work and ensure delivery of the final good practice guide. We also maintained regular communication with partners and interest groups, organised a steering group, and made occasional presentations to partners and interest groups as parts of the plan were achieved.

6. The Institute of Physics
With the Institute of Education, Caroline formed part of the evaluation team for Einstein Year, UK based activities for the International Year of Physics in 2005. Through a series of focus groups with adults and children, and evaluating activities at museums, libraries, in schools and colleges, Caroline contributed to an overall evaluation on the positive and negative impacts of such an initiative to promote physics on 11-14 year olds. The Institute of Physics published the report online.

7. Coventry University
CSI Consultancy worked with staff at Coventry University and Warwickshire College to develop a proposal and successfully bid for funds from the Jisc Capital Programme for Repositories Enhancement. Caroline managed the project until mid-2008. Since then Caroline has also been involved in further successful bid writing, and completed some research on employability for the Open Content Employability Project (OCEP).

8. A consortium of universities in the North-East
Caroline wrote the technical and explanatory documentation for a Jisc funded core middleware project implementing a service dealing with authentication, authorisation and accounting, in order to share resources between medical departments. Caroline also managed a follow-on study looking into Federated Access Management at the NHS/HE boundary in 2007/8.

9. Jisc
Caroline was asked to map Jisc activities, projects and services against themes in the development of an inventory for use in planning and developing Jisc strategy.

10. A national repository
Caroline reviewed the options for peer review of Jisc Jorum service resources, and undertook further business planning in 2011 and 2012.
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