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CSI Consultancy has expertise in strategic and management services to higher and further education organisations. We help to create, manage, evaluate and share online learning materials, assist organisations to make the most of their specialist knowledge and available technologies, and meet the needs of their users. We like to work closely with our clients and work flexibly according to their needs.

CSI Consultancy can offer extensive experience in the management of projects and programmes developing digital learning content and in the use of information and communication technologies in teaching and learning. Prior to setting up CSI Consultancy, Caroline Ingram spent more than 10 years working in the higher and further education sector.

CSI works with clients in the public, higher education and charity sectors to offer:
  • Development of funding bids and project plans;
  • Assessment of user requirements;
  • Delivery of qualitative and quantitative research and literature review;
  • Management of research and development;
  • Evaluation and testing of resources;
  • Dissemination and promotion of project outcomes;
  • Facilitation of good communication between project and interested partners.

    CSI can provide specialist advice, including:
  • How to manage information resources;
  • How to create and preserve high-quality digital resources;
  • How to coordinate complicated projects;
  • How to work with funders and partners to get results.

    We should start from a real understanding of the issues...
    CSI Consultancy has extensive experience with focus groups, in depth interviews, survey design, evaluation, literature review and research analysis.

    CSI specialises in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. Please get in touch if this experience would be valuable for your project.
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